Module Tracking

Earn higher engagement from your News Modules design and refine your churn prediction model.

Gain insights into how users are interacting with your front-page modules

The News Modules design was originally developed to give your content the attention it deserves, and encouraging your users to discover a larger proportion of the various content types you have in store. By implementing Visiolink Module Tracking, you will gain insights into the popularity of each of your front-page modules, as new events are tracked each time a user presses content within any module.

Visiolink Module Tracking is available for both Android and iOS.

Drive higher user engagement

With Visiolink Module Tracking, you gain an evident tool, which can help you drive even more engagement from your front-page modules. The keyword is habit formation, and gaining insights about users’ interaction with your modules presents a great opportunity to test the influence your module structure and content has on user engagement.

Use A/B testing to test different structure combinations and implement changes accordingly to support your users’ preferences and influence their ongoing engagement with your content.

Compare various sources’ ability to drive engagement

With the expansion of the Source tracking parameter, you can also gain valuable insights into how much traffic your front-page modules are generating towards Articles, Podcasts, Publications and Audio articles - Text-to-speech and Narrated articles.

Compare your front-page modules’ ability to drive content engagement to that of other sources such as: Archives, Supplements and Bookmarks. Ultimately, the expansion of the Source tracking parameter will allow you to gain a better understanding of how users are navigating your app and accessing your various content offerings.

Strengthen your Churn Prediction Model

The development of Visiolink Module Tracking and the expansions within Source tracking, offers you a unique opportunity to gain even richer insights into how users are navigating and engaging with your content. Add to this the ability to link these insights to unique subscribers by means of User tracking, and you give yourself the very best circumstances to either start developing or refining your existing Churn Prediction Model – identify subscribers at risk of churning, initiate retention efforts, and reduce the number of churning subscribers.

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