Modular Platform

Change the standard of news and magazine publishing with the Modular Platform.

Publish news content across multiple universes

The Modular Platform is an innovative digital publishing platform designed to provide content to your subscribers, no matter what you strive to achieve or what your strategic goals are.

This publishing platform can be configured to address user segments with specific content and formats. It offers the potential to deliver content in a variety of formats across multiple universes, all in a native environment.

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With the Modular Platform, you can publish content in unique universes:

  • ePaper
  • Live News
  • Podcasts
  • Videos
  • and more.

Your subscribers can effortlessly navigate between universes using a universe picker inside the app.

Scale the platform to fit your needs

The Modular Platform can be scaled to align with the goals of your media organization, regardless of what you strive to achieve: From a single app with a simple and cost-efficient ePaper reader to an extensive setup with more apps and universes.

Whether you are a small local publisher focusing on a single publication or a large media company managing multiple content types, the Modular Platform can be configured to meet your exact needs as a publisher.

It’s a platform on which you can grow. You can add more universes if the market or your needs change. It also works the other way around, so if you no longer need a universe, you have the flexibility to scale down.

Handle a broad range of configurations yourself

Configure and style the Modular Platform yourself.

You will be able to administer a wide range of configurations in your app(s), from theme and design to adding new content. This empowers you to determine various aspects of how and which content should be delivered through this platform. Feature and styling opportunities within a standard definition are limitless.

Different configurations will be possible to handle through the Vitec Visiolink Self-Service Publishing Hub. 

Connect with your subscribers

Communicate, interact and engage with your end users on a new level with the innovative in-app message feature.

Share images, deep links, and more directly from the Vitec Visiolink Self-Service Publishing Hub.

Key features for you as a publisher and for your subscribers

Cross-promote content across universes

Make it easy for subscribers to explore your other content formats and products. Introduce them to new products by cross-promoting content across universes.

Aligned platforms on iOS and Android

User interface alignment between iOS and Android is close to 100%, providing subscribers with a seamless experience regardless of their chosen platform.

Adaptive user interface

Ensure a good user experience across mobile phones and tablets. A clean app structure is retained, so your subscribers get the best experience regardless of device.


Take your subscribers on a personalized journey through your content universe. Global services such as the profile menu, search, and contextual onboarding menus let's you customize your subscribers' app experience in a multitude of ways.

Brand the Modular Platform with a variety of product features.

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