A digital publishing platform at Vitec Visiolink allows you to enrich your app with numerous features.

Take a look at some of our selected features.

Article View 2.0

Engage your readers with enrichments and an updated styling of your ePaper articles.

Let your articles be represented as they deserve: As the very essence of your brand - your stories, your content in the layout that characterizes your visual identity. 

Audio Anywhere

Audio Anywhere is the collective term for our new range of audio features that ensure a high level of relevance of the ePaper solution.

By adding podcasts and narrated articles to the content mix, the users have the incensive for taking the ePaper into use during the daily commute, excersising, gardening, dinner making and other household chores.

Digital Archive

Bring your archive online, and let your readers access it in your apps. Legacy content is not only popular, it's a journalistic commodity your readers are willing to pay for.

Utilize your archive to create greater reader engagement and to provide a unique look into the world of yesteryear, as seen by your predecessors. 


Maximize ad revenue with Clickable Ads and Interstitials in your ePaper.

Print ads can easily be made interactive. Clickable Ads enable you to track reader interaction with advertisers, providing a strong argument for the increased value of each individual ad.

Create interactive interstitials and utilize graphics to tailor powerful ads within the ePaper. Use interstitials to guide readers to your own exciting online stories, or sell them to advertisers, giving them a digital full page ad space.

Interactive Crosswords

You can't say Sunday Newspaper without also saying crosswords. The good, old-fashioned word puzzle is a proper crowd-pleaser that provides good exercise for the brain. By digitizing the crosswords through our latest feature, you will undoubtedly increase reader engagement.

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