Maximize ad revenue with Clickable Ads and Interstitials in your ePaper.

Maximize ad revenue with interactive advertising

Publishers are highly dependent on their ad revenue and therefore always strive toward the best possible advertising solution. When the printed product becomes a digital product, it allows for new forms of advertising. Print ads can be made interactive, and content that is not part of the printed newspaper can be added.

Putting it all together, you as a publisher have great opportunity to take advantage of a new source for maximizing revenue: Clickable Ads and Interstitials. 

Clickable Ads

Clickable Ads are, as the name implies, clickable links and ads in the digital newspaper that create shortcuts directly to advertiser websites or to your own editorial content.

Print ads can easily be made interactive. All you need to set up Clickable Ads for your advertisers is a link to the desired landing page. In the ePaper, Clickable Ads will catch the readers' attention with a brief double flash. With a direct link to advertisers' webshops or website, your advertisers will gain access to relevant segments with high purchasing powers.  


Interstitials are a digital full page ads between instances occurring in a user session. In terms of the ePaper, this means that an Interstitial appears between articles of the ePaper as the user flips through the newspaper. Interstitials are not part of the printed newspaper; you have control over where and when the adverts are booked. 

By covering the entire interface of the ePaper, this advertising format inevitably attracts the readers’ attention, drastically improving chances for them to hit the call to action.

Getting started with interstitials is easy. Through the Vitec Visiolink Publishing Hub, you are in full control of your bookings, and are able to adjust the campaign on the following parameters:

  • Date and length
  • Platform
  • Device type
  • Publications
  • Placement

Track the performance of your digital ads

Clickable ads and Interstitals enable you to track how users interact with the ads from your advertisers, providing a strong argument for the increased value of each individual ad.

By providing advertisers with the best practices and performance data on their ad campaigns, by means of your analytics setup, you strengthen your position to bargain premium prices. 

Clickable Ads and Interstitials are compatible with

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