User Tracking

Get a true understanding of how your readers engage with your ePaper.

Take your data to a whole new level

Many media companies try to crack the code of predicting churn, and segmentation is particularly useful for this matter. Especially, if you have the User Tracking feature.

The User Tracking feature enables you to link the data to specific users instead of devices, making it a great tool for marketing campaigns, onboarding initiatives, churn prevention and more.

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Unique user data

As per standard, usage data are associated with devices rather than specific users. With the User Tracking feature, you’re able to accumulate all of the reader’s usage data no matter how many different devices he or she uses.

This ensures a much more accurate image of your readers’ usage as it takes the diverse usage behavior on the different platforms into account - giving you much better segmentation possibilities.

Connect with your CRM

First and foremost, the User Tracking feature gives you a great understanding of your readers’ likes and dislikes which form a strong basis for building new marketing campaigns for onboarding and retention purposes. 

But in order to exploit the feature’s full potential, you should connect it with your CRM system by linking the unique User IDs to the respective subscriber. This enables you to track the users' behavior across all of your platforms.

Identify users at risk

The User Tracking feature plays a fundamental role in the battle against churn as it enables you to closely monitor your readers’ usage behavior. Pay special attention to those who show little engagement with your product and target them with your anti-churn initiatives. Consequently, your retention rate will drastically improve, and your readers will remain loyal for an extended period of time.

GDPR compliant

The adoption of the General Data Processing Regulation (GDPR) undoubtedly set some limitations on data collection, but you can rest assured that all Vitec Visiolink solutions are compliant with the European Union’s regulations.

At first contact with your solution, all users will be presented to a disclaimer explaining which data we collect, and they always have the option of opting out. But preferably they won't, of course.

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