The Vitec Visiolink ePaper User Survey

Get to know your ePaper users better. Build your business on user insights and grow your digital subscription base.

Learn how to support your users' current and future ePaper needs

News publishing is all about user engagement. Implementing a user survey in your ePaper, will give you invaluable insights into your users’ preferences, make you better equipped to cater their needs and ensure their ongoing engagement with your ePaper content.

Get to know your ePaper users

The Visiolink ePaper user survey consists of +20 predefined questions, which will allow you to get to know your users better on various topics including: ePaper usage behaviour, feature preferences, content preferences and much more.

Implementing the Visiolink ePaper user survey is also a great way to bring further meaning to existing ePaper user data insights. For instance, maybe you have uncovered some broader ePaper trends by means of your Engagement Studio. Combining these insights with the answers of your ePaper user survey, will get you one step closer to answering the “whys”  behind these broader trends.

Seamless implementation

The Visiolink ePaper user survey is easily implemented and requires absolutely no effort from you. In other words, the Visiolink Business Intelligence team handles everything from implementation and tracking to the generation of a final response report.

More specifically, we integrate the user survey in your ePaper as an interstitial and in your preferred language. We handle the actual booking of the interstitial, and we provide the graphical material as well. You will then receive your response report after your user survey has been concluded.

Contact the Visiolink Business Intelligence team or reach out to your Business Developer to get started.

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