Status Reports

Let us dig out all the key findings.

Get ePaper data in an easy-to-read format

We understand the value of your time. That's why our slide deck distills complex ePaper data into easy-to-understand insights, saving you hours of analysis.

With a Status Report, you will get your ePaper data served in a PowerPoint slide deck, ready to analyse your ePaper's performance or to present to your key stakeholders. 

We'll dig out your ePaper key findings

Status Reports highlight the key findings from your ePaper over any desired time frame, empowering you to focus on what truly matters for your digital publishing business. 

Dive into key findings such as:

  • Downloads: How many times has a newspaper been downloaded?
  • Retention rate: Where am I losing my readers?
  • Top articles: How do my newspaper's articles perform?
  • Average session duration: How much time do my users spend in my ePaper app?
  • Hourly openings: What time of day do my readers open the ePaper and when do the number of opens peak?
  • … And many more.
Over time, you will gather more data. Status Reports compare performance over months and years, so you can see if your data-driven work is bearing fruit and improving your performance. 

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