Engagement Studio

Bring your news data to life in a customized dashboard and keep track of how your readers engage with your content.

Engagement Studio: A must-have in every newsroom

Raw data can be quite comprehensive and overwhelming to the untrained eye. But not anymore.

Engagement Studio provides a manageable and eye-pleasing live overview of your ePaper data - tailored to your specific needs.

Act on data

Dive into the data and make a qualitative analysis of your content in order to identify commonalities among the most engaging articles and use this knowledge for future content production.

Keep track of banalities such as knowing which section of your newspaper is the most popular, or set internal goals for your editorial team with author ranking. The possibilities are endless.

Unmatched data quality

Engagement Studio is provided with data from Visiolink’s new ‘tracking event’ which drastically improves your data quality because it adapts to the different reading modes.

So, whether your readers prefer reading the ePaper as a conventional print paper with page-turning (swipes) or in article view, you can be sure that you collect useful and reliable data about your readers.

Ground-breaking knowledge

As we can probably all agree, the ePaper readers form a representative section of your entire reader base. So, the new ‘tracking event’ will, in fact, provide you with knowledge about how the printed edition is being read.

This means that your editorial decision making no longer has to rely solely on conjectures - you now have the data to support it.

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