Google Analytics 4: The future of user insights

Google Analytics 4 has replaced Universal Analytics as of July 2023. Let's take a look at the new and improved opportunities that Google Analytics 4 offers.

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Google has sunsetted Universal Analytics on July 1, 2023, in favour of Google Analytics 4 – commonly referred to as GA4.

Within the Vitec Visiolink Business Intelligence team, we are looking into the new and improved opportunities that Google Analytics 4 offers.


Cross-platform overview

Google Analytics 4 unifies app and website measurements serving you with a cross-platform overview of events and user journeys.

Understanding how your users engage with your app and website means that you need to measure a diverse range of user interactions like clicks, page views, app opens, and more.

With Google Analytics 4, measuring those actions on all of your digital platforms consistently will become a lot easier. The new property type utilizes a more flexible event-based model for collecting the unique interactions that users have with your content, allowing you to measure any custom event that you set up.


From cookies to machine learning

Cookies are widely adopted on the web. They do, however, pose a privacy risk. Moreover, the ability to opt-out of cookie tracking needs to be easy for European websites to comply with the EU Cookie Law – and users are increasingly using this method to protect their privacy. They are opting out of sharing data with third parties.

Google Analytics 4 takes into account that more and more users are opting out of cookie tracking. The new setup will combine traditional user tracking with machine learning safeguarding user privacy while still generating the desired user insights and predictions.


Questions or concerns?

If you have any questions or concerns relating to Google Analytics 4 and the phase-out of Universal Analytics, please feel free to reach out to our Business Intelligence team.